Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Free Disneyland adventures TV, Cap&Tee.

If you are from USA- You should already have it in your suite.
~If you're not from USA - Follow these steps:
1. Go to a USA proxy like:
webwarper.net OR browsertunnel.com OR freedombyproxy.com/proxy.php
2. Paste the Stardoll link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go or just hit Enter on your keyboard
4. Log in to Stardoll
5. Wait till page loads
6. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual
You should find the TV in a Starplaza box, the cap and the tee should be in two Disneyland Adventures bags in your suite.


What do you think?
Little pricey.. but its cute!
Costs: 20 SD

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cute&Spicy non-ss look like sabah1237!

Hannah Montana Forever Dress (free)
Flat Sandals (11SC)

I think the shoulder cut suits sabah's medoll!
I chose the brown nut hair colour :D

Dot Mascara
Dot Liner
Dot (red) Lipstick
Colour sensational lipgloss (used to be free when connected with facebook not sure if its still available)

Black extension eyelashes
gold pearl studs

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Want a good look? visit cute_mahnoor

Miss Sixty-Harem Jumpsuit (blue-20sd ss)
Voile-Crystal Pointy Shoes (6sd ss)

I used Dot Liner (black)
Dot Mascara (thick)
Colour Sensational Lipgloss (used to be free if connected with facebook)
Red Dot Lipstick

if you were to get such a look i recommend hoops and extension eyelashes! You can have a play around and see which one suits!

Visit Cute_Mahnoor! :D
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Pick Of The Day! 29/10/2011

Tingeling Gold Strict Structure Dress

Pick of the day:
What Do You Think ? 15 SD (SS ONLY) Little pricey but seems worth! Well if you think this dress would clash with your medoll click HERE  

New Hotbuy Tights

The Hotbuy tightss are now out! Available at Fallen Angel. Take a look at them. 12SD (Superstars Only :( ) 
http://www.stardoll.com/en/starplaza.php?startItemIds=36059   <--- click that link if u wish to buy them although they seem quite expensive for something so..simple. 

Red Carpet!

There have been alot of red carpet events lately! and most of them have taken place on the weekend! take a look at the pictures below of some of the most with beautiful clashed outfits!!

New Handbag out in stardoll! check it out!:D

Uk? Click on the link below! :D


How to get a simple look like zarasparklez

Choose the hair style (See Picture)
Colour Black (I Think It Suits) Your Choice!

Apply DOT Red Lipstick over the lips;
Over the eyes apply DOT Black Liner All Around The Eyes!
and Miss Sporty Mascara' which used to be free; not sure if its still available :D

Hope This Helps To Get A Simple Look!:D

Friday, 28 October 2011

free tshirt and lipgloss

If you are not from Brazil then you must use a manual proxy to get it such as: with port 8080 
or with port 8080
If it doesn’t work for you then try clearing your browsing history and trying again.
And click the yellow semi-circle shape 

tshirt purple

-copy & paste www.stardoll.com/campaigns/psp into the URL bar,
-log in & get your t-shirt

stardoll mortal kiss tshirt free!!

click on the link below to get the mortal kiss tshirt!